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Automation and robotisation

Increased automation and robotization are absolutely necessary for Norwegian industrial companies to be able to keep production in Norway. With our broad production and technology expertise, we will help production companies all over the country to exploit their improvement potential. Our goal is to be at the forefront of this field.

Tailor-made solutions

A successful automation and robotisation project requires a comprehensive understanding of the process coupled with broad technology expertise. In close and good cooperation with you as a customer, we can tailor solutions that bring out the potential that automation and robotization implies for your company.

Automated production lines

The early industrial robots were often large, heavy and expensive – and they could only perform limited, simple operations. Today’s robots and technology make it possible to connect the production links to automated and robotic production lines or process plants..

Variations and interactions

We see it as an exciting task to automate processes characterized by great variations and complexity. Other times, the challenge is to create profitable, flexible solutions for companies that have production series with relatively low volume, or solutions that involve a close and safe interaction between robot and human.

Remote operation and support

In addition to designing automated processes and building robotic machines, our automation and robotization department can also assist our customers with monitoring and remote operation of production lines, as well as various technical support functions.

Flexible production capacity:

No product is too small
and it rarely gets too big

Our production is very flexible and the assignments include both individual products and various serial productions. In our new premises, we have high ceilings and the doors are so wide and high that we can fit large constructions indoors.

Do you have something that should have been produced, constructed or automated?

We are ready to assist you whether you are looking for a price for a specific product or need help with product development or automation and robotization.
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