About us

We have developed into a high-tech mechanical business

Since the start in 1980, we have built up solid experience and expertise in mechanical processing and production. Through constantly new and demanding assignments, we have developed a broad range of products and services, and we are today a solid partner in mechanical production, construction and product development, as well as in the field of automation and robotics.

Versatile – but specialists in aluminium

The main part of the products is made of aluminium, plastic or acid-proof steel. Our long experience and solid knowledge of aluminum means that we often call ourselves “aluminium specialists”. But we also have the expertise and equipment to produce in most other metals and hard materials.

Meets strict quality requirements

The breadth of our machinery and our skilled workforce means that we can easily combine disciplines such as sheet metal work, water cutting, welding and CNC machining to produce advanced machined parts that meet the strictest tolerance and quality requirements.

New premises – new opportunities

In the spring of 2021, we moved into newly built premises with our main owner Comrod in Tau. Here we have good working conditions, high ceilings and enough space for our newly purchased machines. We install large structures indoors and the gates are so wide and high that you can drive the trucks in for loading and unloading.

Efficient production

In addition to all the traditional mechanical work operations, we also follow technological developments and adopt new production methods. Some operations are still carried out manually, while other production processes are robotic. This makes us competitive on price.

Focus on robotisation

Increased automation and robotization are absolutely necessary to manage to keep industrial production in Norway. Our goal is to be completely at the forefront of this field and to be able to tailor solutions that bring out the potential that automation and robotization implies for the individual company.

Our owners

In autumn 2019, Comrod bought the majority of shares in Sørskår Mekaniske Verksted to secure this important local expertise. In autumn 2020, we entered into an agreement with Westcontrol to take over their automation division. After the takeover, Comrod Communications AS owns 67.3%, Sørskår Holding AS 22.4% and Westcontrol 10.3% of SME.

Do you have something that should have been produced, constructed or automated?

We are ready to assist you whether you are looking for a price for a specific product or need help with product development or automation and robotization.
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