Our services:

Development and construction

In addition to production according to the customer’s drawings and specifications, we have also been responsible for the development and construction of completely new products and machines. Such exciting assignments have given us solid knowledge and experience with product development and construction.

From idea to finished product

If you have a new need or an idea, we can help you with development and construction, whether it is a simple product or a larger construction or a machine. We are happy to assist you throughout the entire process – from an idea or sketch right through to a finished product.

Qualified advice on improvement

From time to time we receive assignments where we see that the customer’s product can be improved. Then we are very happy to assist with our construction expertise. By suggesting small changes, we can improve the product’s form and function. We can accept data files in several formats, but we can also digitize the customer’s paper drawings.

Cost-effective production

With our broad production expertise, we see in some cases that it is possible to achieve a more appropriate and simpler way to produce, without compromising the product’s function and quality. A cost-effective production is an advantage for both ourselves and the customer.

Flexible production capacity:

No product is too small
and it rarely gets too big

Our production is very flexible and the assignments include both individual products and various serial productions. In our new premises, we have high ceilings and the doors are so wide and high that we can fit large constructions indoors.

Do you have something that should have been produced, constructed or automated?

We are ready to assist you whether you are looking for a price for a specific product or need help with product development or automation and robotization.
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