Logistic Products

We offer a broad range of aluminium and plastic cases. RA Box is a solid, lightweight aluminium box available in several sizes.

NANUK is shockproof waterproof suitcases and boxes with lifetime warranty.  We also produce customised boxes developed to exact specifications depending on customer requirements. 

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Here you will find a selection of our products.
We deliver both off-the-shelf products and tailor-made solutions according to the customer’s needs.


NANUK is shockproof waterproof suitcases and boxes with lifetime warranty designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments. NANUK ensures a long lasting, watertight seal – nothing gets in and is IP67 rated.  

NANUK “The Evolution of Protection” provides a full range of waterproof and impact resistant protective cases intended for military, law enforcement and professional users. 

Peli™ Case

Peli Case are waterproof and unbreakable equipment cases for 100% protection of expensive and delicate equipment. The cases are unbreakable, shock-absorbing, waterproof and dustproof and come with foam inserts to adapt to the contents.

All Peli Case are delivered with patented, robust locking flaps that makes the suitcases easy to open, and with an automatic valve for equalizing pressure without dust and water penetrating. Handles have rubberized grips, and the largest cases have wheels with ball bearings in stainless steel.

All Peli products come with a lifetime guarantee. 

All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Peli Products, S.L.U., its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates. 

We are an approved Peli dealer and can help you with:

  • Micro Case Series™
  • Small/medium suitcases
  • Large suitcases/boxes
  • Long suitcases/boxes
  • Tool boxes
  • PC/iPad boxes
  • Parts/accessories
  • Foam set

RA Box

RA Box is a solid, lightweight aluminium box available in several sizes.

The boxes are supplied with stacking corners and powerful spring-loaded handles. The lid is fitted with full piano hinges and closes with powerful reels. You can lock them with a padlock or a recessed cylinder lock. We offer customised boxes if necessary. 

The advantages of aluminum boxes are many. One of the advantages is that aluminum has a low weight compared to wooden or plastic boxes. In addition, an aluminum box will not corrode and aluminum is easy to recover and recycle.

Aluminium pallet

We supply aluminium pallets. You can choose from the standard Euro pallet size or customised pallets based on your own specifications. 

One of our products is our RA Safety Pallet. This has integrated rubber profiles for increased friction. 

Aluminum pallets can be used in all temperature conditions, also in demanding zones such as e.g. EX areas. In terms of weight, aluminum pallets can withstand almost twice as much weight as a wooden pallet. Add in longevity and sustainability and an aluminum pallet will be very competitive compared to wooden pallets.

Aluminium basket

We offer basket models adapted to both on- and offshore use.

There are models adjusted to offshore containers, standard transport baskets and lifting baskets. They come with or without a driving belt. Along with standard products, we offer custom made models tailored to your specific needs.

Special fittings and foam qualities 

Give your equipment the best protection and a unique presentation. We have expertise in designing custom solutions and fittings in transport boxes. Using CNC-controlled production equipment, we produce special fittings for all types of boxes.  

Top suitcase fitting ensures: 

  • Safety and lifetime of the equipment 
  • Overview and availability 
  • That important content is not missing in the box 
  • Savings over reusable and durable packaging 
  • Unique product presentation

    Welded boxes

    We can offer welded boxes of various sizes. Wall thickness is usually 3mm. In the standard version, we install truck pockets and lid supplied with gas dampers. 

    Our standard is 170x80x70, but we also supply welding boxes with external dimensions of 120x80x60 or 90 which are adapted to stacking in racks. Please contact us for other sizes. 

    RA Block Lift

    RA Block Lift is a new and unique transport container of single goods for the shipping industry. RA Block Lift provides faster mobilization and demobilization as the goods are loaded and secured while on land. The container reduces the number of lifts and loose objects on deck. 

    It is produced in aluminium and is 100 % recyclable. Take care of your equipment with RA Block Lift which offers smart storage of your equipment. Patent pending.