Logistic products

RA Aluinvent Facade

Fish farming

Offshore & Maritime

The Aluminium Tailor

Design and Engineering

RA Aluminum provides the customer with integrated design and structural engineering solutions for the development of aluminium products and constructions. From our workshop in Forus, Stavanger, we produce many different types of aluminum constructions, everything from oil platform parts to small and large docking stations for aircraft, helicopters, fish farming and industry.

Product Development

Sørskår has a long history of product development. Our expertise and experience makes us the advisor of choice for our clients.

Product Assessment and Testing

We also specialise in Product Assessment, Testing and Certification to make sure aluminium products and constructions meet all necessary standards according to NORSOK standards and NS-EN 1090-3.

Maintenance and Service

Sørskår provides Maritime and Aviation industry with Maintenance services, including the refurbishment and improvements of already existing aluminium structures.


Our mission is to replace steel with aluminium

A life cycle analysis of products quantifies material use, energy use and the environmental emissions throughout the entire life cycle from raw material extraction to final disposal. Aluminum is sustainable and has a high degree of recycling.

RA Aluminum is one of the few suppliers that has total competence for the design, production and installation of aluminum products.

Our mission is to replace steel with aluminium.